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Welcome to an interconnected Video Game Universe and see how YOUR unique story evolves. Take that first step today with Alex!
To Be Victorious, You Must Be NOTORIOUS!
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1(844) GOT-POOP
If you or someone you know has been pooped on by any type of bird, do not hesitate to leave a detailed message of your unfortunate, unfair and unjust treatment by these criminals.
Call 844-GOT-POOP and get the justice YOU DESERVE!
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It's Been a Minute (Video Series)
A video series where we take a minute to dive into different NFT communities and cover their unique and awesome stories!
If you have an NFT community you want us to dive into, please contact us!
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Project TwitterLeakCheck
TwitterLeakCheck is a free service we are providing in which you can check whether you are affected by the recently published Twitter data leak in which the email addresses of 230 million accounts were leaked.
It is meant to educate people and advices what to do if your email address was leaked.
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What we do

We are YinYang Interactive LLC. A web3 focused business delivering blockchain-powered games and products. Join us and become part of the web3 revolution!



YinYang Interactive LLC has many years of experience in the Crypto Industry and knows Bitcoin, Ethereum, Web3 and Cryptography proficiently.

Blockchain Application Security

We offer Blockchain Security services and have extensive experience in enterprise-ready Smart Contract auditing.

Game Development

Our team consists of experienced gamers and game developers. We build enjoyable games with awesome graphics and good gameplay.

User Experience

We focus on combining innovative technology and user experience. Our mission is to build products that people enjoy.

Multimedia Design

We have years of experience in video editing, animation design and graphic illustration.

About us

Rize (CEO)

Storyteller, pizza connoisseur, sports fan, educator, dad and gamer since the 2600.

Anything worth doing is worth OVERDOING


Father of two, believer in decentralization. Building is what I enjoy the most.

The best revenge is massive success


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